Interview for ‘Around the Food’ blog

by Peeter Pihel

Hi everybody! I know it has been a while, but you know – it’s summertime here in Estonia and everybody’s working like crazy. I mean at least those who are spending their days in professional kitchens – it’s definitely the busiest time of year.

Anyway, I thought I will guide you to a little interview made by a great blog – a little brother of Best Emerging Chefs, called Around the Food. As we mainly talked about our culinary event 20 by 8, that has really been getting attention abroad lately I thought I illustrate the interview with some pictures here as well.

So, hopefully next week I get to write about what happened at the MAD Symposium in Copenhagen in the meanwhile stay tuned and of course, enjoy the summer! 🙂


The interview can be found here


Reindeer rump


20 by 8 Zero Waste event


20 by 8 Zero Waste Reindeer brain