Team of young chefs showed their skills at Pädaste

by Peeter Pihel

We sure took on a challenge this time with our last event from the ’20 by 8′ series – inviting 5 young and talented Estonian chefs to join with Pädaste culinary team. Each of them had a task in hand to prepare 1 course in a 5 course dinner and to do so raw! In future this team of 5 young chefs will most likely participate in the Culinary Olympics held in Luxembourg in 2014.

Our culinary happening actually already started in the afternoon when the young folks had a raffle to get their mentors and had to pick their main produce for preparing their course. The variety of produce was rich and not all so common – we had seal meat, cod cheeks, cured Scottish highlander, white fish, pike perch bottarga, white asparagus and lamb fillet. Although chefs had to keep in mind, they couldn’t go any higher than 37 C when cooking, we still made a little exception to the preparation of the main course, allowing to use living fire – we heated the stones in fire and cooked the lamb straight in the dining room on the fiery stones.

What can I say in conclusion…well, most of all, I hope that other restaurants pick up the good vibe we started and host our future talents in their kitchens and share their know-how. The dinner was a success and feedback was more than positive. We also gave the tips of the night to the young chefs to go and visit this years Culinary Olympics in Erfurt.

I take a bow to all the young chefs who participated and to my team who gave them a warm and hearty welcome!

Enjoy the wonderful pictures by Lauri Laan

Smile! Our expanded culinary team for the day

Pädaste horticulturist Anna is lecturing the chefs

Lecture continues in front of the manor house

Laying out the battle plan

And…we are live!

Best from garden and forest


Whitefish with seaherbs consommé

Cured Scottish highlander with hay milk and wild herbs

Lamb fillet from Sarapiku farm roasted on heated stones with sea arrow grass sauce and cream