Celebrating signature cuisine at Identità Golose

by Peeter Pihel

For the first time I was honored with an invitation to participate in ‘The International Chef Congress – Identità Golose’  held in Milan, among the great chefs from all around the world. Although in a lot of ways concentrated mostly on the Italian culinary scene, I met familiar faces from the northern side of the world. Scandinavian culinary scene was represented by René Redzepi – who has shifted the way of thought in the gastronomy world today, having led his restaurant Noma to thrive and to a worldwide success; also Daniel Berlin a culinary mastermind behind the ever so popular Krog and Björn Frantzén – one half of the new up and comer Frantzén/Lindeberg, a two Michelin star restaurant extraordinaire in Stockholm. So as you can imagine – I found myself in a well respected company.

Boys from Island Muhu staging the Nordic Islands' Cuisine in Milan

The congress ran smoothly and everybody seemed to enjoy the presentations and the overall atmosphere, all despite the legendary Italian confusion. One could see very clearly the passion that italians have in everything that concerns food – they can talk about it for hours and one who’s not local, might lose quite a bit in the translation, although their articulation and attitude makes up plenty. You hardly find anyone in the world who has more pride in their cuisine and kitchen traditions than the italians – no wonder the congress held different theme days for pizza, vegetarian dishes and needless to say – pasta.

The veterans of the congress knew to say that the event has become more Italy-oriented. And I must confirm that notion – but after all, it is one of the Meccas of European cuisine. Italian chefs are highly respected and enjoy their superstar status. I definitely gathered a lot of good emotions and was yet again confirmed that we are on the right path – our efforts in Pädaste have been noticed, and it surely makes me glad that younger generation from Europe finds great interest in wanting to come and practice in our kitchen, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see young chefs from Spain, Austria and Italy slicing and chopping in our kitchens pretty soon.

Identità Golose

Electrolux Cube set against the backdrop of the Piazza del Duomo in Milan.

René Redzepi with his presentation 'Winter was mild'

Italian superstar chef Massimo Bottura

Swedes in action

Daniel Berlin playing with fire